Building a future where dreams do come true, where knowledge is power.
It all starts with a pocketful of dreams

Where we take your pocketful of dreams,
and bring you closer to making it real.

Building a Future Where Dreams Take Flight

Overcoming today’s rising cost of living is daunting... regardless of how old you are and where you come from.

We want to be that bridge to help every Malaysian achieve their financial dreams.

We believe education and the right opportunities can unlock a different future.

Our Biasiswa programme provides essential financial support, ensuring students have the resources to excel in their tertiary education and pursue their career aspirations

Application for our 2024 scholarship is now open.

Thank you to all applicants who have taken the time to apply. Our application is now closed.

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Knowledge is power. 

Follow us on social media and explore our financial literacy content. Learn how you can make the right decisions and manage your finances confidently for a more resilient tomorrow.

Preparing for the first day of school can be stressful for both parents and children.

Our bursary programme for Primary and Secondary school students, provides vital support for parents to ensure the future of their children, without the added financial burden.

Discover more about our efforts in promoting education equality.

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No matter where you come from, your dreams matter

Application for Impian Gigih Biasiswa is now open.

Take your first step toward higher education support and making your dreams come true.

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