Building economic empowerment into the heart of the financial system

Banks have existed for thousands of years. Yet there is still a large segment of economically unserved community.

Born in technology and with an open ecosystem approach to data, we are in a unique opportunity to build a bank on a clean slate that changes the game and economically empowers millions of Malaysians to build wealth, and make wealth work for them.

Making high-quality financial services affordable and accessible for all

To serve our customers, we believe in understanding their deep rooted needs and serving them well with financial technology. Rather than going to the bank, we’re bringing the bank to you.

We will automate complex banking activities and turn customer service into fuss-free (and daresay fun) self-service experiences. And we will build a dynamic banking platform, to scale technology and learnings across a much larger population.

A culture of innovation with customer’s best interest at heart

In our journey to solve critical problems in banking, we have crystal clear clarity on where we should innovate that differentiates us from other fintechs and banks.

We adopt a vision-and-experiment based process of innovation and value creation to be significantly faster to market. Being customer focused, we engage with real users of our ecosystem early on and experiment to solve their real financial needs, all before we put our best MVP forward to the rest of Malaysia.

Driving positive financial behavior through everyday moments

Customers are often too busy making ends meet, this makes managing money inherently difficult, especially when one lives on the edge of economic disempowerment.

By being mobile first in our technology design, and leveraging our partners' ecosystem, we can help our customers cultivate good financial habits, by being there to educate and inspire them in everyday moments.

Holding ourselves accountable to these aspirations, we make sure that everyone in our organization understands and lives it. And we will challenge each other to uphold our shared purpose and remain committed to our reason to exist.

It's time to make your money make more money

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