Security is important. We hear you.

That’s why we’ve implemented robust security and fraud monitoring capabilities to keep you and your money protected.

How we keep your money safe

One user, one device
Real-time detection and prevention of fraudulent access with a cool-off period for high-risk activities.
Unlocked by you
Biometric authentication to access your app securely, with an added layer of security for all high-risk transactions.
The safer and quicker way to approve all transactions on the app using secure verification (one-tap approval). 
Lock your account
Suspect an unauthorized transaction? Take control and secure your account immediately right from your phone. Our 24/7 customer support will follow up with you right after.
Card control
Freeze or unfreeze your card instantly, whether it's been stolen or just misplaced to avoid unauthorized transactions.
Under the hood
Security measures such as dynamic session timeouts and fraud monitoring are always running in the background to keep your account safe.

But it's also a team effort - so we’ll
need you to join forces with us.

Always download the
official GXBank app 
from Apple / Google play store. Beware of scams that trick victims into downloading applications (APK file) from unknown sources.
Keep your banking
information safe
No one should ask you to disclose personal banking information such as user ID, PIN, passwords, OTP or account numbers, not even us. Consider updating your banking password regularly and never share them with anyone.
Turn on
We send push notifications of all your transactions, so you always know where your money is going in real time.
Confirm transactions via
One Time Password (OTP)
Suspect an unauthorized transaction? Take control and secure your account immediately right from your phone. Then contact our 24/7 customer support immediately.
Be vigilant of unsolicited
calls / emails 
Law enforcement or any government agencies will never contact you with a mobile number or email and ask you to transfer funds on the pretext of investigations.
Create a
strong password
Avoid using common words or phrases, and never create a password that contains details from your name, initials, or date of birth.

Still unsure?

We've got your back. Live chat with our 24/7 customer support anytime if you have any questions about your account activity.

Fraud awareness

Keep yourself up to date with the latest and common scams

What is fraud?

Fraud is a criminal act to deceive you and take your cash – it is a transaction that you did not make or authorize.

What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to trick a user into giving away personal details or other confidential information such as OTP through emails, websites or other messages disguised as a reputable institution.

Types of scam

Android Malware scam

A subset of scams that has been growing rapidly in recent years, taking advantage of the boom of digital payments and e-commerce; this modus operandi is more sophisticated as it tricks victims into downloading applications (or APK files) created for fraudulent purposes.

Some examples of targeted victims are those looking to book domestic cleaners, purchase pet supplies or The installation of these files come with unnecessary permission requests that would allow unauthorized harvesting of victims’ banking credentials.

Investment scam

Victims are to transfer money purportedly for investment with the promise of attractive returns. Upon request for withdrawal of the funds, victims are asked for more money or scammers are not contactable.

Macau scam

Victims receive calls from impersonators of authorities i.e., officers from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), or Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM), or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDN); mongering fear to transfer money to resolve cases allegedly involving victims.

Love scam

Scammers connect with victims using fake dating or social media profiles, pretending to look for romantic relationships. They gain victims' trust over time with the ultimate goal of manipulating targets into sending money to their bank accounts or revealing their credit card information.

Job scam

Payments for completed simple online tasks are promised though the tasks require victims to use their own funds as capital. Scammers would request for more money to disburse the payments, or cut contact.

Loan scam

Scammers pose as licensed money lenders offer loans with low interest rates. Victims are instructed to pay various fees upfront to improve credit score before loan can be processed. After the money is transferred, the 'money lenders' are not contactable.

E-commerce scam

Scammers pose as sellers on e-commerce platforms - targeting victims looking to sell goods. After the victim completes the payment, the scammer is not contactable.

Money muling

Money mules are scammed through lucrative job opportunities, promising fast and easy cash. Victims are paid to open a mule bank account, which hides the criminals’ identities and helps them cover the money trail.

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